The Forgotten War……

“The Forgotten War”


by J100, Editor at Large


These are photos of the Korean War Memorial, often called the “Forgotten War”. In fact, technically the war has never ended, it was halted and peace talks started in the mid 1950’s. They are still going on today. It took many years for our government to recognize the “Korean Conflict” as it was called, to be in fact a full blown war.


 Washington trip Feb.2010 027


It is hard to choose a favorite memorial in Washington, but I will have to say, this my favorite. I can picture in my mind’s eye, a group of soldiers on patrol in the deep snow’s of Korea. I have known several men who fought in this war, my father-in-law for one, and all of them say it was the coldest place they had ever been.


 Washington trip Feb.2010 026


This memorial in particular brings out the realities of war: young men afraid, cold and lonely in a foreign land, looking for the enemy. I think this is captured in this memorial. Most of us will never know thehorrors and sacrifices that so many made for the freedoms that we now have.


As it is stated at this memorial: “Freedom is Not Free”.


There is a uniqueness to this memorial not found in many. There are 19 statues representing a cross section of America and its’ military. There are men of the Army, Marines, Navy and the Air Force, as well as 12 Caucasians, 3 African Americans, 2 Hispanics, 1 Oriental, 1 Native American Indian. The sculptor was Frank Gaylord of Barre, VT, and the memorial was dedicated on July 27, 1995.



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