The Chronicles of Harold: Korea Part 1 of 8

Port of Inchon

The Chronicles of Harold

Korea: First Tour

Part 1 of 8

At Last, Arrival in Korea after a Long Tedious Trip

By Harold, Editor-At-Large

When we came on deck with our belongings to debark, an odious aroma struck us nearly bringing us to our knees. And it only got worse as the weather warmed up.  The Koreans fertilized their fields with human waste and as time went on you did not notice it so much, but never got used to it.  korea 10

We got off onto a large landing barge shivering with the cold frigid wind even though we had all of our warm clothing on and were pushed ashore since the tides made it impossible to korea 7get any closer.  The last mile, we walked on a wide footbridge of pontoons across a mud flat to the seawall and up onto a staging area. 

We were loaded on trucks out of the wind and quickly taken to Ascom City reception area.  We were fed lunch and then marched over to the Quartermaster warehouse area where we korea 21were first given a parka in lieu of our overcoats that we had to turn in.  We quickly donned the parkas and the fur lined field cap and that made life a little nicer, which was the intent.  We then turned in our khakis and received some wool pants and shirts and a number of other items of cold weather gear and then marched back to the barracks and fell to changing into the wool clothing that amazingly fitted very nicely.  We then went to the evening meal with the word to be packed up and ready to leave right after breakfast. 

korea 18We were called out by roster into several groups and when they called our group for the 24th Infantry Division, there were a lot of catcalls, “You’ll be sorry.”  How right they were since the 24th was the Division on-line on the DMZ. 

Editor’s Note: Harold has a lot of photos of Korea. I am going to put the ones that I can in the appropriate article and then spread them out from there.

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