The Chronicles of Harold: Korea 8 of 8

The Chronicles of Harold

Korea: First Tour 8 of 8

korea 19

Change to the 1st Calvary Division

By Harold, Editor-At-Large

korea 26We cruised along on an even keel from then on through several field exercises  and one day while I was repairing a korea 24line that crossed a small creek and serviced the QM laundry, before it was relocated to the compound, an MP patrol came down where I was coming down off a pole.  Even though I had on my pole climbers, extra wire and tools and my truck was parked nearby, the smart ass Second Lieutenant gave me hell for being off limits since anything off the MSR was off limits. 

US Army Signal Linesmans Climbing GearI told him, “I’m servicing the lines. I don’t think that off limits applys to this since that is where the repair needs to be done.” He took umbrage at that and insisted that I had argued with a superior officer, etc. and eventually caused me to lose a stripe over it. The Captain really did not want to do this since I was in the right, but since it came down from Division Headquarters and by now we had been re-designated as the 1st Calvary Divisionkorea 8 and, even though it was the same people, the attitude changed considerably as evidenced by that Lieutenant’s attitude. 

My work remained unchanged until I rotated back home to the USA.

My Ride Home was on the General Mann.




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