The Chronicles of Harold: Korea 7 of 8

The Chronicles of Harold

Korea: First Tour 7 of 8

QM in the field

Finally, A Friend

By Harold, Editor-At-Large

When the Captain ordered me to pick up the new recruits, I asked him, “How many are we getting?”korea 12

He said, “Four of them.” 

korea 14I got in my three quarter ton truck and went to the replacement company and picked up the four new people.  Much to my surprise and enjoyment there was another Midwest teenager in the bunch who had been born and raised not far from me over in Indiana.  Bill Stouse and I became fast friends, and it his credit on all of the photos here, since I lost mine. He had retained all that we had taken and even bought my camera equipment when I rotated home. 

Several weeks later when the new crew shift had settled down, the Captain called me, and one of the new arrivals by korea 20the name of Dahlberg, down to the Orderly Room.  The Captain said, “I have to designate one of you people as the Section Chief and it is a difficult situation for me.”  He said, “There is no doubt Dean is the most highly qualified and the most knowledgeable about the communications section, but he is still a teenager and you Dahlberg, at twenty four, are the oldest.  I want you to know that that is the sole reason why I am going to make you the Supervisor, and I want to apologize korea 23to Dean for it since he so richly deserves it and were it not for the age difference he would be the Chief.  I do want you, Dahlberg, to closely watch and learn from Dean how to run the Section and to not hesitate to ask him questions when you do not know what to do. When his time comes to rotate, I will make you the Permanent Chief, but as for now you are going to share it with him.” 

To his credit Dahlberg never gave me a hassle over anything and always asked me what he shouldkorea 25 do if he did not know and we got along very well.  Several new people came in and one of them was a surly jackass who jumped all over Dahlberg one day when he deferred to me on a question.  The Captain found out about it and he was transferred to be one of the gate guards. 

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