The Chronicles of Harold: Korea 6 of 8

The Chronicles of Harold

Korea: First Tour 6 of 8

QM commo in the field

Radio School

By Harold, Editor-At-Large

I went into radio school and had learned Morse code and I was still working on qualifying as a radio technician, whichAN_GRC9_Radio_Transceiver required the ability to actually build a radio.  I came down with a virulent form of Asiatic flu and spent a week in the hospital and they dismissed me from the course.  When I got back to the company, the Captain wanted to know was how much I had learned. I told him,”Basically all of it, except how to build a radio.” And added that I knew the theoretical portion of it, but missed the hands-on. 

He said that due to them dropping me from the course, I could not be assigned as a radio operator since I did not receive the certificate. “But I don’t care, if you feel confident that you can handle it.”

I said, “I think I can.” And I returned to the section where I ran the switchboard during the day and once in a while I would work on telephone lines that were malfunctioning while a radio operator sat in on the switchboard. 

AN_GRC!19_transceiverThe manning of the section called for three switchboard operators, four radio operators, a supervisor and a line technician.  At no time did we ever have a full complement.  We usually had two radio operators and two switchboard operators and the supervisor was the line technician also. 

One day after the supervisor had rotated home and there were just four of us up there, the Captain called me down to the Orderly Room.  He said, “I want you to go to the replacement company and pick up your new men and bring them back.” 


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