The Chronicles of Harold: Korea 5 of 8


The Chronicles of Harold

Korea: First Tour 5 of 8


Cryptographer in the Communications Section

By Harold, Editor-At-Large

The Captain then explained that due to my scores on the aptitude test they figured I had the ability to learn most QM  commo sectionanything and they sorely needed a cryptographer in the communications section and one of the requirements  was you had to be a good typist.  He asked me, “Are you willing to do this?”  And they would send me to school for crypto, radio, switchboard and long lines signalman school.  He said there was going to be a rapid turnover up there and “I need someone who can handle it all when new people start to come in.” 

EE-8_Field_TelephoneThey rapidly secured a secret clearance for me, and later on a top secret, and I went to crypto school, which was a week long.  On my return, I was assigned to the Comm. Section and since I was not only the newest, but still a teenager, I was the brunt of all kind of practical jokes and abuse until the old crew left.  SB22PT Field Telephone Switchboard 1957

I started in running the switchboard and decrypting the encrypted messages that came in. Most of which were just routing stuff like weather reports, etc. and by the time I was sent off to signal school for the linesman’s and switchboard course, I was already qualified, so they just signed me off. 

SB86 Telephone Central Switchboard

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