The Chronicles of Harold: Korea 4 of 8

The Chronicles of Harold

Korea: First Tour 4 of 8

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Motor Pool

By Harold, Editor-At-Large

Shock upon shock to discover that the big GMC dual wheeled tandem axled trucks had an automatic transmission inkorea 6 them, so I had to learn how to drive all over again.  The jeeps and the three quarter ton trucks were no problem as they were both standard, straight shift, transmissions with a high and low range transfer case and four wheel drive which was quite often necessary.  The GMC big trucks had an automatic feature that engaged the front wheels when there was a certain amount of slippage from the rear wheels and the low range selected on the shift quadrant.  The front wheel drive feature was only available in low range. I drove all over the division area and into Seoul and Ascom City a number of times from the time I arrived until early May when I was called to the orderly room one day. 

The Captain asked me if I was happy driving and I told him I was.  He then asked me if I knew anything about radio communication procedure or telephone line and switchboard.  I told him I did not and he said, “But you do type?” 

Korea 9I said, “Yes.” And he had me sit down at the company clerk’s desk and demonstrate.  The First Sergeant’s remark was that, “If the Comm section doesn’t take him, I want him as company clerk. I’ll boot the one I have down to the motor pool.”

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