The Chronicles of Harold: Korea 3 of 8

The Chronicles of Harold

Korea: First Tour 3 of 8


Arrival at the 24th QM Company

By Harold, Editor-At-Large


korea 4We arrived and after in processing and barracks assignment we returned to the orderly room where a PFC gave us a walking tour of the area.  The QM Company was actually battalion sized and during later inceptions, like when the 2nd Infantry assumed command, was in fact re-chartered as a supply battalion. korea_2

Later when we had stored all of our equipment and had drawn weapons that we carried constantly from then on, we went back to the orderly room where some people from the sections were there to pick us up.  A full Colonel commanded the QM and a Captain commanded the company.  They said I had been assigned as a clerk over in the Class 2 and 4 section. When I reported in, the Colonel said, “Just what we needed, I have so many clerks now that I don’t know what to do with them.” 

korea 5He then asked me about my background and after telling him about how I grew up, he said, “You hauled logs on a truck to the sawmill?”

I said, “Yes.”  korea 28

He then said, “I have so many clerks now, but there is a shortage of drivers in the motor pool and how would you like to drive a truck instead?” 

I said, “Fine by me.”

He said, “So be it.” And called the Captain and told him to send me to the motor pool. 




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