The Chronicles of Harold: Korea 2 of 8

The Chronicles of Harold

Korea: First Tour  2 of 8


24th Infantry Division Reception Center

By Harold, Editor-At-Large

We boarded the train and there were armed guards both in the coach vestibules and on top of the train as we proceeded north and east from Ascom City.  After most of the day on the train, it stopped in the middle of nowhere and we disembarked and lined up alongside the tracks. 

korea1The train left and then several NCO’s showed up and started marching us across the tracks, and down the road until we came to a sign that said 24th Infantry Division Reception Center. 

We were quickly assigned barracks and then they fed us and told us to stand by for orders.  That evening my name was posted for assignment to the 24th Quartermaster Company.  Usually the support services such as the QM and other services were far behind the lines.  Much to my dismay the QM Company was located at the end of the rail line at Munsan-Ni that was only a couple of miles from active North Koreans and Chinese.  US small arms

The DMZ was not a straight line that followed the 38th parallel, but looped back and forth across it and mostly followed the Imjin River very closely.  The river on its way to the sea at the West coast near Ascom made a huge bend and came very close to Munsan-Ni. 

This caused numerous raids from the North trying to steal food, clothing, fuel, etc. and were carefully kept secret during the time I was there.  They were not publicized until much later on. And on my repeat trip in 1961, I don’t remember hearing anything about them again until about 1965.


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