Talking to God – A Prayer


Talking to God
Conversations with my God
Thanksgiving as the heart and soul remain so open, transparent,
The “still, small Voice” speaks within
Intimate love from the Creator.
New songs sprout up from seeds of encouragement
Newly planted,
Fellowship in the Holy Presence
And maybe another glimpse of His majestic reality,
In a dream
In a vision
In discernment of His work
In a prayer answered faithfully.
Love gives birth to Shalom
Every need in peace met
The ancient written words
Become more alive
Settle deeply through the mind and heart
Rest in the most tender human spirit
Where a fountain of truth rises
Becomes the eternal essence of life
God’s purpose in you, through you,
To worship again in Spirit
As joy of life pours out!
        By Gary Bertnick:

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