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Survival Recipe: Roasted Onions


By Wyzyrd, SurvivalGeezer.com

(a great campfire/cookout side dish)


large yellow or Vidalia onions, peeled, leave root end intact

packaged “Cajun” seasoning OR

chili powder, ground black pepper, ground ...

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Survival Recipe: Sweet Potato “Fries”


By Wyzyrd, SurvivalGeezer.com

(easy, delicious and NOT deep fried)


sweet potatoes (skin-on) washed and cut into ‘french fry’ size

ground cumin

cracked black pepper

kosher salt to taste


My family would throw me out i...

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Soda Bottle Fishing – A Survival Skill?

By Wyzyrd, Editor-at-Large

I talked to a couple folks, today, and nobody had heard of this fishing method. I never saw it until 2001, when I was living in a campground on the bank of the Shenandoah River.

First, I’m NOT talking about using bottles to...

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Wyzyrd finally did it!!

Hey all – 

Wanted to pass some info on that frequent contributor, commentor and SCP-family member Wyzyrd has created his own website. In the works for quite a long time he just made the site “live”.

Check out The Survival Geezer

I am looking forw...

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Handy Reference for Cordage

By Wyzyrd, Editor-At-Large

Everybody needs more cordage.  Most of the suppliers list the ‘small stuff’, like bank-line  by gauge #, not by measurement, like bigger rope (1/4″, 3/8″, etc) , or paracord which is ‘mostly standard’ 1/8 inch diameter.


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Calling BS on Commercial “Survival” Tools

By Wyzyrd – Editor-at-Large.

Now, I do like my Gerber multi-tools. I have a few, and they’re always close at hand. Multi-taskers are generally a good thing. Sometimes, we must all harken back to the late Robert Heinlein’s words...

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“Free” Fuel Bottles

by Wyzyrd – Editor-at-Large

This is based on a few articles mentioning the possibility, mostly on UK-based bushcraft sites, not my original idea. I just tested it out to see if it worked. It did, very well.

In my vehicle, and house, and previous BO...

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Tips from Wyzyrd – Edible Daylilies & Baking Soda

Tips from Wyzyrd!


I love daylilies :)  had the whole back side of my fence planted with them at the old place, as the Master Gardener agent got hold of a free truckload :)

You probably already know, but the buds and flowers are edible a...

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Oven Cleaning

From Wyzyrd:

I cleaned my oven this afternoon – going to need to use it a lot next week.   It wasn’t terrible, but had “stuff” on it...

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Ridge Earth Shelter Home

Shared by Wyzyrd, this is Mike Oehler, the 1970s cheap underground house guy.

HERE is a link to his website.

Do you have any YouTube videos you would like to share?

Please email me at bcfossillady at gmail dot com

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Slow-Cooker Carnitas


by Wyzyrd , Editor-At-Large

This isn’t really a soup, but a successful experiment that would work well in a “Bev-style” thermal cooker, as well as an electric crock pot. Amazing flavor, not much work...

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Some Other Weird Prep Items from Wyzyrd

by Wyzyrd, Editor-at-Large

I was going through one of the containers, and ran across a few things that don’t make it onto a lot of “Survival Gear” lists, but can come in very, very handy.

1) a “4-in-1” Farriers’s Rasprasp_

Now, I haven’t been in k...

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Crockpot “Un-Baked” Beans

Crockpot “Un-Baked” Beans (if you have electricity) .

By Wyzyrd, Editor-at-Large

My New England relatives always use “Navy”beans. I had Black-eyed peas. So it goes...

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An Easy New Year’s Day “Good Luck” Dish

An Easy New Year’s Day “Good Luck” Dish

by Wyzyrd, Editor-at-Large

This isn’t really a soup, as such, or actually ‘good luck”, but it’s a tasty Southern staple.

As many of you know, I’m a “recovering New Yorker”...

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Survival Soup: Grandma Penicillin

GRANDMA PENICILLIN (really magical when you’re sick)   By Wyzyrd, Editor At Large

whole roaster chicken, remove and keep all bones and skin 3 yellow onions, quartered, keep skin on 2 carrots, rough chopped 2 carrots, diced 2 stalks celery, ro...
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Survival Recipe: Koshari

Survival Recipes

White rice is a basic survival storage food. This is part of a series of Survival Recipes that you can make from commonly stored foods, your garden in season, foraging wild edibles, or what is seasonally plentiful on the homestead.

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Survival Soups

Soups have long been the mainstay of any cook who is trying to stretch the larder to feed more people, or the budget to save money. Soup is the basic survival food...

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“Survival” Carne Seca Adovada Recipe

Survival Soups

Soups have long been the mainstay of any cook who is trying to stretch the larder to feed more people, or the budget to save money. Soup is the basic survival food...

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Rope Tricks – Part 1

Rope Tricks – Part 1

hanksby Wyzyrd, Editor-at-Large

 I’m willing to bet that every single one of us has, at some point, dealt with a big ol’ hank of some kind of rope, or other cordage, that looks like this: 

All neat and pretty and organized, UNTIL ...

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The 5 W’s of Emergency Survival

The 5 W’s of  Emergency Survival


by Wyzyrd, Editor-at-Large


As “codified” by “Survivorman” Les Stroud.


These are really all “common sense” things, and not my original ideas, but an experienced close friend came within a couple feet ...

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Ya’ Just Don’t Fry Bacon Nekkid…..

Synopsis: Household/Kitchen safety as a prep concept.

Ya’ Just Don’t Fry Bacon Nekkid.

 by Wyzyrd – Editor-At-Large


The SCP Proverb, “A prudent person foresees the danger ahead and takes precautions...

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Inexpensive Indoor Seed Starting Setup, Under $10

Synopsis: A very simple and inexpensive indoor seed starting setup, under $10


A  Quick and Easy Indoor Seed Starter

By Wyzyrd – Editor-at-Large


This is about as easy as it gets for home food-production. :)


It’s still early, most places to...

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YouTube Video: Harbor Freight Solar Project

New Editor-at-Large Wyzyrd recommended this video regarding solar power. I actually have one of the kits and they are very easy to put together. Great method for getting into solar.


Thanks Wyzyrd!

 – Rourke


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