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A FEW MORE EXTRA’S from the WE2’s

Rourke: The WE2’s sent this is a while ago and somehow it was misplaced – so my apologies but here it is. Thanks WE2’s!!!
This past few weeks we’ve added a few more extra’s to our “crisis management” supplies...
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Recipe for “Flu Soup”

From the WE2’s – 
No, we don’t have any colds or flu, but I usually make up several quarts of my “Flu Soup” just to keep on hand.  It’s worked so good for years to relieve any type of sinus/cold/flu or congestion etc...
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Cobb Cooking With the WE2’s

Not long ago we had the opportunity to purchase a Cobb Cooking Grill and we love it...

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Campers As A Bug Out Vehicle

By the WE2’s

To us, having our travel trailer is a must...

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