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The Class B Motorhome as a Bug Out Vehicle

miss B

By the WE2’s

We just added another option to our “camping” capabilities.  Found an individual that was retiring from being a full time RV’er and they traded us straight across for our Dodge Caravan for this Class B Motorhome.
She’s an older model &...
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Boondocking Extra-Ordinary!

101_0731 success!

By the WE2s

Bev – The WE2s are helping an older lady and her disabled daughter move from Texas to Missouri from what I understand. I just hope I got the pics in the right order! Lots to learn here!   LOL  :)

When we first arrived & started settin...

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STORING MY SPICES, HERBS and other stuff!

ready to store

By WE2’sready to fill

Many of you have read by now my lovely experience with VacuCraft canisters.

I did want to share another little “thing” I do to try and keep my spices, herbs & other foods as fresh as I can whether it’s for dry pantry storage or in my refrige...

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sandwich bags

By WE2’s

With us being hikers, motorcycle riders, canoe lovers, RV”ers and MrWE2 working part time as a carpenter, we go through a lot of ziplock type baggies.

One of the things we have found that saves us a bit in baggies and in keeping sandwiches...

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Bleach Tablets-Evolve

From WE2’s

This won’t take long…LOL

We all know the importance of storing bleach.  What a lot of people don’t realize is that bleach does have a shelf life.

We learned that at the Roost when we pulled some from a shelf to do some cleaning in the b...

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SOUP IN JAR – Chicken & Rice Soup

Soup In A Jar pot

By WE2’s

One of our favorite foods to “set back” are meals in a jar or meals in a Mylar bag.

I just opened a pint of our “Chicken/Rice Soup” and it’s delicious…even though it’s nearly a year old.

I’m not sure there’s any specific recipe to follow o...

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different gums

From WE2’s

This may sound weird to some, but if you’ve been around the WE2’s for any length of time you’ll quickly learn that BOTH of their minds run one fast path when it comes to being prepared for an emergency.

One of the “little things” that we h...

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tieing tubes

By WE2’s

Don’t remember where we saw this, but it “stuck’ and we did it for ourselves.

We call them “rice tubes”.

If you’ve ever vacuum sealed rice, dehydrated potatoes or pasta’s you’ve learned that they puncture tiny little holes in the bags (even ...

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O'Keeffe's Working Hands

By WE2’s

How many of you have watched the skin around your finger nails crack to the point of actually bleeding and being so sore you couldn’t hardly stand to touch anything?

Wifey’s had that problem for years, especially when doing a lot of food pre...

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Dollar Tree Candles

From the WE2’s

Even though we have six nice glass lanterns with globes for our own use, several fruit jars with the adapters & wicks (we need to buy globes for these), several solar stick in lights that can be charged during the day and brought in at...

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pantry 3

From WE2’s

“When” did we start preparing our household for an emergency? Now THAT’S a long story 

Probably easiest to just hit the highlights or we’d be giving away the books we would like to someday put together.

As many of you know, wifey widowe...

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Aquarium Heater & Passive Solar Heat NOW!


By Beverly Sandlin

First off let me say that this aquarium heater is NOT my idea. Wifey of the WE2’s mentioned it in a comment and as I had a spare 10 gal...

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Other Unusual Supplies

Nexcare (pink) tape

By Wife of the WE2’s

One of the other sort of “unusual” supplies is what I’ve always called “pink” tape. It’s stretching and it’s

waterproof, and sticks to itself enough when fully wrapped over itself, to nearly form a complete waterproof

barrier ove...

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Hints and Tips

Just wanted to share with you a little tidbit on something I found several years ago that have helped keep me “upright” on ice...
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pet meds

By the WE2’s

We happened on to a couple of items that we added to our preparedness supplies, and wanted to share them with our friends here at SCP.

The first is a fairly inexpensive blood clotting agent that can be purchased at PetCo or PetSmart an...

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Insulated Britches

By the WE2sInsulated Hiking Pants

Both of us now have a spanking new pair of insulated winter hiking britches with suspenders! We might add though, that it seems like most of the big box stores seem to think that women don’t spend much time out in the elements, and only w...
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He Shall HearBy WE2 (wifey)


“My Coats of Many Sizes”…

Reading the wonderful testimonies of how God has met the spiritual needs of many SCP’s I felt compelled to share also…especially after reading Bev’s lovely “place” with God.


Getting marri...

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Seeds and More

By the WE2’s

As the WE2’s look in the face of another new year, (wifey here) I pulled out the paper sacks full of seeds purchased last year and allowed to “rest” … until today...

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Preparing For More…

garage sale signThe WE2’s were scrambling around for dollars to get all our real estate taxes and personal property taxes paid.  While pulling out our “envelopes” of dollars saved throughout the year for this purpose, we found ourselves still short.  Then Mr...
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Gift Giving Ideas

By the WE2s

Christmas Gift Sack

Christmas Gift Sack

Sometimes during the Christmas season, we have a few close friends and family members that we still like to take gifts.  But also, sometimes, the money’s just aren’t there...

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Medical Grab Bag

Having read several of the medical preparedness articles, we wanted to share with you what we call our “medical grab bag” which stays at home...
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