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YouTube Video: Harbor Freight Solar Project

New Editor-at-Large Wyzyrd recommended this video regarding solar power. I actually have one of the kits and they are very easy to put together. Great method for getting into solar.


Thanks Wyzyrd!

 – Rourke


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YouTube Video: Christmas Flash Mob by Journey of Faith at South Bay Galleria

Editor-at-Large “thesouthwesttactical” sent me this video. I found it wonderful. Related to preparedness? Well, not really – but figured you might be interested so I am passing it on.

Take care all – 




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VIDEO: Build an Emergency Heater……..

Need heat? No electricity? Here is an idea to make a portable emergency heater that can be made from common household items.

One of my favorite YouTube Channels is USNERDOC. He does an excellent job making informative and high quality video’s...

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Video Week at…..Bug Out Vehicle – Re-Inventing the Car Trunk

This guy is very organized…………


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YouTube Video: Water – Bug Out or Bunker In


Water – gotta have it and a very basic supply within your preparedness system.


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YouTube Video: Required Reading for Survival

One of my favorite YouTube channels is Sootch00. Here I present another great video from Don (aka Sootch).

Sootch shows a great selection of books and I own most of these myself.

Here is the rundown:

Lights Out

Surviving the Economic Collapse


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