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Why is a great place to shop

There are a lot of people that refuse to shop online out of fear of providing credit card information on the Internet. There are also those that use only cash – no credit cards, no debit cards...

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Survival Supplies at the Dollar Store

I originally wrote this post over at It still holds true today – maybe even more so...

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Video of the Week: Cheap Medical and Prepping Supplies! COSTCO Baby!

video of the week

Another featured video from YouTube. From preparedness to frugality, from gardening to self-reliance – YouTube has an enormous amount of information available.

Here is but a small piece we hope you find interesting, informative, and maybe even tho...

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10 Ridiculously Simply Ways to Save Money Everyday and Secure Your Financial Future

You’ve heard it over and over. Stop splurging on clothes at the mall, stop eating out, and start sticking to your budget...

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Shopping online this holiday season?

Online shopping continues to become more and more popular. One of my favorite methods for Christmas shopping is Amazon has a fantastic selection at great prices. They also offer Free Shipping on most orders of $35 or more.

Besides the ben...

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Paying Off Debt as a Survival Strategy

Paying Off Debt as a Survival Strategy

We have to have money to survive. Period.

As much as we wish that that could change, it won’t. Money is a necessity for all of us to maintain or improve our current lifestyles...

Read More special sale on Mountain House foods……..

Great deal on Mountain House Freeze Dried Food. Check it out……



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Hints and Tips: Burpee as a gardening source. Non-GMO!!

How-to-Videos! Growing Calendar! Nutrition Guide!

By MsKYprepper, Editor-At-Large


I recently re-discovered Burpee after learning that they sell non-GMO’ed seeds and are not owned by Monsanto. Wow, what a wealth of growing tips at www.burpee...

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Great deal on lightsticks!!!!

There is a deal showcased over at today on Cyalume Lightsticks. currently has a 10-pack for sale with FREE SHIPPING for under $10.00. Great no-battery light source and also a huge morale booster with kids.


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Good deals from Wyzyrd…………..

Shopping Tip!
Wyzyrd just sent in this Shopping Tip for! They are one of our affiliates and by clicking through our site a few pennies will come to SCP to help support the site without any extra cost to you!
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HUGE discount on food storage products……..

New SCP( sponsor is having a fantastic sale exclusively for readers of SCP and ModernSurvivalOnline

Here are the details: 

72 Hour Food Kit for 2 people. Regular price is $129.95, however for a

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Guest Post: 3 Hospital Negatives and How You Can Correct Them

 From Rourke: Not every post here has to be about surviving an economic collapse, hurricane, or some other SHTF scenario. Sometimes we want to pass on information on saving money, being frugal, and empowering your dollars...

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10 FREE ways to prepare!

10 FREE ways to prepare!
Quote of the Day
“Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.”
10 Ways to Prep for Free!
By Bev Sandlin
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Help those affected by Hurricane Sandy…..

If you or a loved one was effected by Hurricane Sandy – you qualify for a special 25% discount at Ready Reserve Foods.


Here are the details :

Ready Reserve’s SuperStorm Sandy Relief: In order to help get everyone back on their fee...

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Preparedness and Frugal Living

by Bev Sandlin

Whatever you are prepping for, food is a part of that prep. With the drought affecting 80% ofU.S.farmland food prices will be rising. I found this article on “Frugal Living”—an excellent site for preppers to explore.


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Video Week at…..

Here are a couple good video’s discussing food storage. The first is long term, bulk packed – which is very inexpensive. The second is on more common foods but still trying to get what you can for as little as possible.

– – -Rourke

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Guest Post: Shoestring Prepping with Chronic Health Problems

hurricane, preparedness, Katrina, survival, SHTF, prepper

This post originally appeared at the survival & preparedness blog the original article can be seen HERE.

 – – – Rourke

Shoestring Prepping with Chronic Health Problems

by Robin

Today’s environment isn’t TEOTWAWKI, yet ...

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Seasoned Citizen special from GoFoods

Two Sisters From the South announce our Seasoned Citizen Special from GoFoods.
Not only do you have more to do than cook !! but because many seasoned citizens need an easy & most importantly, a nutritionally superior type of food to eat...
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No excuse method for growing some vegetables……..

Alright everyone, for those saying they just cannot afford special grow buckets and raised beds to grow some vegetables here is a super cheap way to get started.

I actually saw this on Facebook and thought it was a great idea.

See diagram below:


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Increasing food storage on a budget…..

Hello all –

I am back from vacation. Did not get too sun burned and think I need to go back to work to get a break, heh! The kids ran me rampant.

While on vacation in Myrtle Beach I thought about somethings that I seem to always think about – prepar...

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