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Guide to Hurricane Preparedness

Rourke: The following post comes directly from Reprinted with permission.

With the recent impact of Harvey and the ongoing cleanup still underway, the United States is once again in the sights of another storm...

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Dealing With A World Falling Apart

I’ve written previously that sometimes all the bad news just gets overwhelming. Every so often I have to take a break from watching the news, reading the political posts, and seeing the insanity that is engulfing this country.

It is easy to get pulle...

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Watch for Upcoming Sales

We are getting close to a time of the year where some good deals can be had. This takes a watchful eye and good timing.

School Supplies – Next month stores will be having huge sales to lure teachers and parents – and grandparents too – into stores t...

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Self Defense for the “Seasoned” Citizen

It doesn’t take long watching the news to get depressed with reports of terrible crimes and violence. The morality of this country has no doubt fallen and seems to be continuously getting worse...

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Planning Resource for Older Preppers

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The American Red Cross does some fantastic work helping people across this country in time of disaster and strife. They also provide numerous resources to educate and prepare individuals for emergencies...

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Challenges of getting older

How many of us wake up after a long night’s sleep and make an assortment of noises just walking to the bathroom. This is the reality of getting older...

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VIDEO: The Garden – Sensible Survival

Hello folks! I hope this post reaches some of you out there. I am hoping to get the site going again and will be posting a couple times per week. If you come around and glad to be here – leave a comment and let everyone know! I would appreciate it...

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Visit us over at

It has been quite awhile since I have posted here on I often consider getting the blog running again. I miss the community that was built here. Time and resources have to be provided to do it right...

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Adapting a Sawyer Mini Water Filter for Bucket Use

Rourke: The following post was originally published over at…….

Remember the days of drinking water through a garden hose in the middle of summer? Well – not all water is safe to drink...

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Video of the Week: Get Ready Now!! Preparation Plans…..

Another featured video from YouTube. From preparedness to frugality, from gardening to self-reliance – YouTube has an enormous amount of information available.

Here is but a small eice we hope you find interesting, informative, and maybe even thought...

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Get ready folks – huge winter storm in New England

Stay safe out there folks and lets pray for everyone in New England effected by the storm heading in Monday night. The talk is big – possibly one of the largest storms ever on record.

Lets hope not.

Remember…..if you are in one of these areas:

  • Sta...
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A FEW MORE EXTRA’S from the WE2’s

Rourke: The WE2’s sent this is a while ago and somehow it was misplaced – so my apologies but here it is. Thanks WE2’s!!!
This past few weeks we’ve added a few more extra’s to our “crisis management” supplies...
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YOUTUBE Video: Mr. Heater-Portable Buddy Heater Review

How many people travel every year in the frigid cold? Millions, right? How many travel via remote areas where if they broke down receiving help would not be the easiest thing? Lots of people...

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Worst-Case-Scenario Survival: Water, Shelter & Communication


By Cherie

Charles Darwin said, “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change...

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In defense of your home…….

In a crisis situation it may become necessary to defend your home and proprieties from marauders who do not have good intentions. For many older folks, especially women, firearms are often strange objects that are feared and looked down upon...

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The following post originally appeared HERE over at  By the way – Linda is the person that is responsible for SCP being created. Enjoy!


By Linda Leonardy

            Visiting St...

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The Patriot Nurse speaks on Ebola….

Ebola is a concerning situation and it has been discussed here and many comments have been left.

The Patriot Nurse offers her opinion in these video’s.  The oldest video is at the top and the latest at the bottom...

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Priorities of preparedness…..

Rourke: The following post was previously published over at ModernSurvivalOnline.

I recently left a comment on someones Facebook wall concerning preparedness – and left a list of “Steps to Preparedness”. Here is what I put:

  1. Food & Water

  2. Shelter

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Bug-Out Bike: Benefits Of Motorcycles For Survivalists

Whether your preferred acronym is TEOTWAWKI (The End Of World As We Know It), SHTF (Sh** Hits The Fan) or GOOD (Get Out Of Dodge), a common argument among survivalists revolves around the preferred mode of transportation.

Among those choices, a motor...

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Survival Biscuits?

This post was previously published here on SCP. Figured many of you have not seen it as it is buried deep within the archives. To see it in its original form click HERE.

Food is my major concern when looking at my preps...

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What have you done this week and “Off Topic”

Alright folks – what have you done recently to add to your preparations? 

For me – most of my preparations in the last week have been spiritually. Since Thursday I have been at a Men’s Retreat with guys from my church...

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Re: Sunday Self-Reliance Share and Q & A

The following was left in response to the Sunday Self-Reliance Share and Q & A back on September 7th. Good example of folks actively preparing for…..whatever...

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By the WE2’s


Thought we’d share some of our various postings for a “refresher”.  This past couple of weeks we geared up for a trial run “just in case”…and found some areas we needed to shore up.


After my first husband passed, a friend who ...

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2-way Hand Held Communication Primer

Below is a guest article from Justus at Centerfire Antenna. If you have an interest in HAM radio’s or 2 way communication – contact these guys – they know their stuff. This article was originally published at ModernSurvivalOnline...

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In case you missed it…..

This past Sunday’s Q&A post got quite a response. Thank You Everyone!!! I selected a few responses to republish to celebrate the pro-activeness of our readers preparedness mindset and being ready….”just in case”:

Granny C commented……

“Sounds like a...

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