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Five generations of Prepping Lessons……Part One

Five generations of Prepping Lessons from

One Family’s Experience of SHTF over 120 years.

By Harriet, Editor-At-Large Australia

We are Survivors!

Back on December 20, 2012 when people were having some angst about the end of the Mayan calendar, Bev ...

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The Chronicles of Harold: Part One – 1955-1956

Life’s Lessons Learned

The Chronicles of Harold

Part One


The Making of A New Home,

That I Would Not Get To Enjoy Very Long

Dad, in early December, 1954, for having the audacity to have a disabling heart attack and not being able to perfor...

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Life’s Lessons Learned…..Emily the Cow

Life’s Lessons Learned

By Harold, Editor-At-Large

Emily the Cow

In 1945-46 a local beef farmer gave me a little heifer that he knew was dying, because the cow’s milk had not came down to feed it...

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Life’s Lessons Learned…..THE CHRONICLES OF HAROLD

Life’s Lessons Learned

By Harold, Editor-At-Large





The War Years


 Just a history in chronicle form of my life, as I have lived it as near as I can remember after all of these years...

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