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I’m Not Going To Be Around Forever……

This post originally appeared over at the survival and preparedness website – it can be seen HERE.

 – Rourke

 by Valerie


My Momma’s favorite saying these days seems to be “I’m not going to be around forever, you know...

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Guest Post: Laughing in the Midst of the Storm

by “Miz Peaches ‘n I”

  • Have you heard these comments?
  • Why are you laughing, don’t you know this is serious?
  • Talking isn’t going to help anything;  just put up and do it!
  • Get over it, stop the crying.  Don’t you know we have work to do?

All are...

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Guest Post: Tips On Navigation For Your Next Camping Trip

Camping can be a very fulfilling and gratifying hobby. For many people, exploring the outdoors, connecting with nature, and getting out of your comfort zone can be a very enlightening experience...

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Guest Post: Essentials For Camping In Cold Weather

Camping has been a favourite hobby for many people. Aside from it being a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors, it also is a way of bonding with family and friends, and a good form of exercise...

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