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Why is a great place to shop


There are a lot of people that refuse to shop online out of fear of providing credit card information on the Internet. There are also those that use only cash – no credit cards, no debit cards...

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Survival Supplies at the Dollar Store


I originally wrote this post over at It still holds true today – maybe even more so...

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10 Ridiculously Simply Ways to Save Money Everyday and Secure Your Financial Future

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You’ve heard it over and over. Stop splurging on clothes at the mall, stop eating out, and start sticking to your budget...

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Let’s Talk Dirty (Laundry, That Is!) Part 3 of 3…

Let’s Talk Dirty (Laundry, That Is!) Part 3 of 3…

by servantheart, Editor at Large

How will you do the laundry when IHTF?

Now, I realize that should things get really bad, doing the laundry will not be high on your “to do” list...

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Let’s Talk Dirty (Laundry, That Is!) Part 1 of 3…

Let’s Talk Dirty (Laundry, That Is!) Part 1 of 3…

by servanthart, Editor at Large



Is this what it takes to get your attention? O.K., never mind….

I was doing some reading on a natural website about the effects of coconut oil on septic sew...

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Frugally Sustainable plus free download herbal treatments

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This is one of my favorite sites for natural and herbal information exchanges, and is a Christian ladies’ site, as well. Free download is a good one for those wanting to get started in herbal (natural) treatments.

Thought SCP readers should know abo...

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Good deals from Wyzyrd…………..

Shopping Tip!
Wyzyrd just sent in this Shopping Tip for! They are one of our affiliates and by clicking through our site a few pennies will come to SCP to help support the site without any extra cost to you!
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Timely Tip From MsKYprepper!


Timely Tip!


From MsKYprepper!


I just scored a great find that can't wait until next week to tell you about 'cause they will be gone. Blankets. Heavy quilted blankets. At Harbor Freight this week they have 72" x 80" "movers blankets" on sal...

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Download of the Week: Making homemade soap……..


Downloadable recipes on Making Soap

Special thanks to John from Iowa, Editor-At-Large for sending in these great files.


 These will be placed in our Downloads tab for further reference. Enjoy!
Click on a picture below to d...
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Homemade Dish Detergent


I have made homemade laundry detergent – worked great. I have NOT made homemade dish detergent as of yet. I have been sitting on this recipe and decided to go ahead and share it. Now – you may ask, “What in the world does this have to do with prep...

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Guest Post: 3 Hospital Negatives and How You Can Correct Them

 From Rourke: Not every post here has to be about surviving an economic collapse, hurricane, or some other SHTF scenario. Sometimes we want to pass on information on saving money, being frugal, and empowering your dollars...

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10 FREE ways to prepare!

10 FREE ways to prepare!
Quote of the Day
“Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.”
10 Ways to Prep for Free!
By Bev Sandlin
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