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Worst-Case-Scenario Survival: Water, Shelter & Communication


By Cherie

Charles Darwin said, “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change...

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100 Items That Disappear First in A Disaster

This list has been around for years but it is still valid today and likely tomorrow.

– – – Rourke



100 Items That Disappear  First in A Disaster



1. Generators (Good ones cost dearly) Gas storage, risky...

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Extreme Weather Season: Will Your Home Be Covered When the Storms Hit?

When a tornado, hurricane or other severe weather phenomenon is heading toward your town, the last thing you want to think about is whether or not you have the proper insurance coverage...

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What Will You Eat When… ?

What Will You Eat When… ?

By Pam, Editor-At-Large

I watched “Doomsday Preppers” once, they showed 3 or 4 different people who were preparing for 3 or 4 different “Doomsday Scenarios”...

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Top 5 Morale Boosters to Have In a Disaster

Top 5 Morale Boosters to Have In a Disaster

By Bev Sandlin, Executive Editor

  1. Chocolate! Chocolate candy bars melt, but chocolate syrup in a bottle will last a very long time! And you can drink it! Packets of hot chocolate—just add water!
  2. Mul...
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Starting Your Ark….Prepper List Part Three

Prepper List Part #3 (see Part #2  – http://seasonedcitizenprepper.com/?p=3057)

by MsKYprepper, Editor-at-Large

Starting Your Ark

If Noah had waited for the rain to start building the ark, the world would be very different today.

Don’t get caug...

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Current Project: The One Week Food Bucket

Current Project: The One Week Food Bucket

 By MsKYprepper, Editor-At-Large


I need suggestions for a project that I am working on. 


I went to a food storage class a while back and someone there had packed routine shelf stable food – enough fo...

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