Survival Soups

Soups have long been the mainstay of any cook who is trying to stretch the larder to feed more people, or the budget to save money. Soup is the basic survival food. This is part of a series of Survival Soup recipes that you can make from commonly stored foods, your garden in season, foraging wild edibles, or what is seasonally plentiful on the homestead.



By Wyzyrd, Editor at Large

Money-saving, ecologically-sound and delicious.


Frozen (or fresh) veggie-scraps

Frozen meat (or dried, canned or fresh), skin and bone scraps


I will admit, NOT the most appetizing name, but it can save you a lot of cash

over a year’s time. What do you do with the skins of the onions you use? The carrot

and potato peels? Root ends of celery? Chicken bones and skins? Shrimp shells?

They go in the trash, or down the disposal, or (hurray!) in the compost pile, right?

Try putting all of the veggie scraps into a big zip bag (yes, even the papery

skins from the onions – great color) . Put the meat scraps into another, squeeze

air out of both and just stick them in your freezer. When the veggie bag is full,

dump it into a stockpot, add garlic (I always add garlic) and some black peppercorns,

bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer about an hour or so. Strain and press any

remaining liquid out of the veg. You now have some very tasty, and FREE vegetable

stock. The stuff in the strainer will break down in your compost pile MUCH faster.

If you want a chicken/meat/seafood stock, sear the bones/fat/skin etc in a skillet

and simmer in the veggie stock another hour or so, Strain again and skim off

excess fat. DO NOT compost the meat scraps, or you will get bad smells and rats.

You just cannot beat free food :)

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