Survival Recipe: Sweet Potato “Fries”



By Wyzyrd,

(easy, delicious and NOT deep fried)




sweet potatoes (skin-on) washed and cut into ‘french fry’ size

ground cumin

cracked black pepper

kosher salt to taste


My family would throw me out if I didn’t bring these to every holiday gathering. Cut cleaned sweet potatoes into french fry shape. A mandoline or french-fry cutter can make this part easier. Place fries in a large ziptop bag, sprinkle with cumin and toss to coat. Add oil to coat. Refrigerate at least overnight. 2 days is better. When ready, lay out on a sheet pan and roast at about 375° for about 25 minutes. Surfaces should be browned and crunchy. Season with salt and pepper while still hot. CapnHarlock’s Herbal Hot Sauce is the perfect condiment to serve with these.

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