Survival Recipe: Roasted Onions


By Wyzyrd,

(a great campfire/cookout side dish)




large yellow or Vidalia onions, peeled, leave root end intact

packaged “Cajun” seasoning OR

chili powder, ground black pepper, ground dried thyme, garlic powder

extra-virgin olive oil


Peel the onions, remove stem end, leave most of root end in place for stability. Cut almost down to root, radially, into about eighths (think “healthy bloomin’ onion”) . Wrap that bad boy in 2 layers of foil, – big squares. Drizzle with a good shot of olive oil. sprinkle top with your ‘Cajun’ mix and wrap tightly to seal the foil.

You can bake these in the oven at about 400° for about 30 minutes – until soft. They are MUCH better if you put them in the embers of a campfire for about an hour – let the onions gets soft. Be careful opening the foil packages. The onions are delicious, but the juice/oil/seasoning liquid at the bottom of the foil package is one of the most magnificent things you have ever dipped a piece of bread, or a grilled shrimp (or just about anything else) into. The Louisiana guy who taught me the recipe used butter. That works too.

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