Survival Recipe: Koshari

Survival Recipes

White rice is a basic survival storage food. This is part of a series of Survival Recipes that you can make from commonly stored foods, your garden in season, foraging wild edibles, or what is seasonally plentiful on the homestead.


By Wyzyard, Editor At Large

(A delicious and filling Egyptian dish)


Caramelized onions (see Best Pizza recipe for details)

white rice, uncooked

lentils (I like orange dal, because they cook quickly)

plain spaghetti pasta

yellow onions, diced

your favorite tomato sauce (even packaged sauce will work)

ground cumin

olive oil


This is an everyday working-person’s meal in most of Egypt. It tastes infinitely better than it sounds. Add 2 parts white rice 1 part lentils to a pan, cover with water (1 ‘knuckle’ depth above surface). Bring to boil, reduce to simmer. While rice and lentils cook, break up the spaghetti pasta, add lightly brown it in olive oil. After about 10 minutes, add the browned pasta to the rice/lentil mix and continue simmering, covered, about another 10 minutes. (Do not expect ‘fluffy’ rice – thick and sticky is what you want.) Saute diced onions in oil, add tomato sauce and a healthy shot of ground cumin. simmer. When rice/lentils/pasta mix is cooked, place serving in a bowl, cover with caramelized onions and top with the cumin/tomato sauce. Really delicious, filling and easy. Makes a great, simple camping meal as well. (Thanks to Anthony Bourdain “No Reservations” Cairo episode for the inspiration)

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