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By Bev Sandlin, Fillmore County Master Gardner

What did I do to become more self-reliant this week? 



Lettuce, peas and carrots! I think the lettuce is going to bolt pretty soon. I don’t pull my lettuce, instead I tear pieces off as it grows for making salads or whatever.


This is a shot of my little corn patch that has been flooded multiple times – severe thunderstorms predicted for tonight so it will probably flood again. This is also where I made my mistakes in 3 Sisters gardening. :) Can you see the beans growing up around the corn stalks? And that is a squash climbing the fence in back. My potatoes are starting to fall into the aisle. This corn is actually doing really well and some of the early corn is even tasseling! I am thinking that the nitrogen fixing beans may well give a boost to the corn.

3 sisters 7.5

Here is a picture of one of my 3 Sisters gardens planted correctly. These were put in almost six weeks LATER than the other corn. Corn first, when it comes up plant the beans, and when they come up, plant the squash. In the background you can see my wagon wheel herb garden doing quite well – the borage in the pot is starting to bloom lovely sky blue flowers and my raised beds.


Here is a shot of one of my Hens & Chicks that has gone to flower. They usually die after flowering. And you probably noticed that I put my full name and Master Gardener title on this post – why? I just found out that when I post about gardening and use the handle that I can count doing the post toward my volunteer hours. :-D

Since I have been at this place, I haven’t seen the Minnesota State Bird (mosquitoes) come out with as much force as this year. But we are wet! Even the Mississippi River is at flood stage.

I haven’t started building the new chicken coop yet, but I will… Lots of other things, but they don’t belong under this topic.  :-D

The top article this week that you hit the like button on or shared was the post on the 4th of July! THANK YOU, I tried to honor our Vets and their families and the Patriots who support them!

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Okay Patriots, how were you more self-reliant this week?


Proverbs 27:12

A prudent person foresees the danger ahead and takes precautions.

The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.”

In God We Trust

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