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By Bev,

What did I do to become more self-reliant this week? Weed, weed and weed some more. :)

So I thought I would show you pictures of some of my garden and gardening experiments…


This is my beans and corn in my first 3 Sisters Garden that I planted all together. Yes, I’ve been nibbing back the beans so that they don’t overtake the corn.

3 sisters

This is one of the 3 Sisters Garden I am doing “right”. Note the squash is just coming up. Takes about 2 minutes a week to weed one plot – I like it! And the plots are permanent – I like that even more!

wagon wheel herbs

My wagon wheel herb garden – wow, I do need to transplant that horseradish into a permanent, out-of-the way spot!


corn and potato round

Three Sisters with my experimental potato round and potatoes and corn in back. I must have gotten a bad batch of early sweet corn seeds as I had to replant almost 70% as it didn’t come up! Any one else dealing with bad seed this year? My carrots seed did not all germinate either – arghhh! I have high hopes for the potato round this year with only 2 lbs. of seed potatoes in it. Wow, is it growing and no weeding!


tomatoes patio

Tomatoes in a self-watering container on the back deck are coming along very nicely.



Asparagus under-planted with a living mulch of strawberries doing very well. We have been eating strawberries! After I caught up the chickens and penned them in again as they were enjoying them too!



Rhubarb as a living mulch between the dwarf apple trees is good.


aquaponic peppers

My “aquaponics” peppers are just going nowhere, as are the tomatoes, so I guess I have to replant them in soil.  :(

We had 5.5 inches of rain this week! Flooding! I now understand why the vegetable garden was never expanded beyond where it was – it floods. The nice thing is that the corn righted itself after a couple of days of flooding. However, I have figured out a way to, I think, divert the flood waters and will have to plant viney crops there next year as vines don’t seem too affected by floods.

The top article this week that you hit the like button on was: Solar Energy for Dummies Like Me Part 1 – 69 likes and shares!!! Part 2 tied with the Tick Bite – Yuck! with 11 likes and shares…

Coming up this week is Chicken Doctorin’, How to Plant Potatoes video, more gardening and who knows…!  :-D

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Okay Patriots, how were you more self-reliant this week?


Proverbs 27:12

A prudent person foresees the danger ahead and takes precautions.

The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.”

In God We Trust

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