Storing propane tanks…..

“Where do you store your propane tanks?”

Unlike most families I have more than one or two tanks – I have seven and still looking for more. I do my best to keep as many of them as full as possible “just in case”. I can run emergency heating as well as my use my gas grill for cooking. The question of where I store my propane tanks recently was asked. The answer is pretty simple – “Anywhere but in the house.”

I have a couple of tanks on my patio behind my house near the grill. The rest I store in my shed which is approx 80 feet from the house. Although I am not overly concerned with a tank exploding it is a danger so therefore in the house is NOT where they go.

Another related question was whether or not I was worried about leaving them outside in the elements. Nope – I have had no problems leaving them outside. A few of them I bought used and were covered in rust yet still worked fine. If I had the time I could give them a paint job but rather I just leave them in the shed.

As stated, I have seven standard 20-pound propane tanks and plan to get more. Honestly – getting up to 15-20 would suit me just fine.




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