STORING MY SPICES, HERBS and other stuff!

By WE2’sready to fill

Many of you have read by now my lovely experience with VacuCraft canisters.

I did want to share another little “thing” I do to try and keep my spices, herbs & other foods as fresh as I can whether it’s for dry pantry storage or in my refrigerator since I just finished jarring up about 7 jars.

First:  I determine which size of jar I’ll be needing to hold the food.awl puncturing

2nd:  I grab one of my “used” canning lids (I do NOT throw them away!) and a ring.

3rd:  Using my canning funnel, I put the herb, the spice, or the food, into the jar.

4th:  I use a small “awl” that MrWE2 gave me and puncture a tiny hole in the lid.

5th:  I cut a small piece of black electrical tape (about ¾ inch long) and place it over the hole.

tape on lid

6th:  I then use my manual hand pump (either one of those that came with my VacuCraft or one of those

that I’ve purchased with the Ziplock system.

7th:  Place it over the taped up hole and vacuum until it’s very hard to pull your pump up.

sealer on lid

At this time, your lid should be sealed.

Put the ring on it, and put it where you want to store it.

I use this same method when I’ve opened olive jars, pickle jars, and various other jars…just puncture a hole in the lid, tape it, vacuum it and put it back in your refrigerator!

I hate throwing out foods!

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