Storing Cast Iron Cookware

A question on storing cast iron cookware. Please share if you have ideas!
I’m just curious if there is any kind of trick to storing cast iron cookware.
I’ve had issues with seasoning mine, and periodically have been reseasoning as I’ve used it…
but my cupboards won’t fit my Lodge set…I’ve been keeping it on the stovetop, but it gets dusty, as we live kinda rural. I also had been keeping the packing paper/cardboard between the different pans to prevent scratching, but found it to wick the seasoning, requiring a ‘quick’ seasoning of bacon fat prior to use…but stuff is sticking like crazy! Mind you, I bought my set brand new, I did season upon receipt but got sticky results…having used vegetable oil…now using bacon fat, less sticky by far…
I know this has been adressed in the forums, but perhaps it’s time for a review on the website? I shared in my Amazon review of my Lodge purchase that folks ask a trusted friend how exactly to season cast iron, as I learned first hand and afterwards, that their seasoning advice is way off the mark, from all the research I did.
Happy New Year friend!
Bev says,
Since the house fire and losing all of my cast iron, I’m in the same boat as you are with new stuff that doesn’t season as well. Although I have been picking up old cast iron at rummage sales, etc. I like bacon grease for seasoning or olive oil. And yes, they do take re-seasoning more than the old cast iron did.
In a newer style home without a pantry, storage is a problem. When I lived in the barn, after the fire, I bought a little wooden cart on wheels, nested them upside down on the bottom rack and threw a kitchen towel over them as it was very dusty in the barn with the hay and straw and the critters moving all the time.
The kitchen I have now has a very sturdy sideboard built into it, so I nest them upside down on a board (easier to pull out) with a kitchen towel underneath and on top – collie dog hair sticks to everything! I have no room for the cart here.
Depending on your decorating style, I have seen people attach old barn boards to their sheetrock walls (on the studs) and hang them there with nails. They are awefully heavy to hang overhead, but I have seen that done also.
Depending on how much you use your oven, that is a good place to nest them inside of one another – especially if they don’t have wooden handles because sometimes I forget they are in there when preheating the oven. Broiler area for frying pans.
Anyone else want to share how they store their cast iron pots and pans?

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