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This won’t take long…LOL

We all know the importance of storing bleach.  What a lot of people don’t realize is that bleach does have a shelf life.

We learned that at the Roost when we pulled some from a shelf to do some cleaning in the bathroom and found it was just about “water”.

So…wifey went to work looking for her alternative.  I knew from experience that powdered bleach was available, but I didn’t really want to be storing boxes of powdered bleach because they too can draw moisture and become “bricks” if you don’t put them in something to keep the moisture out.

In my searches I found the “bleach tablets” and was tickled pink that they’re usually right there with the Borax, the Washing Soda, etc. and CHEAPER than liquid bleach by far.  Just one tablet is equivalent to a gallon of the liquid (for my use anyway).

I don’t buy the scented ones (I didn’t use scented liquid anyway); I just buy the regular and keep them stocked in the Roost pantry.

I’ll use liquid for general; every day use, but wanted something for long term.  The brand that I have purchased is Evolve.

I’m not sure if it can be used to treat drinking water, but figure somebody else can do the research on that (unless I get to it one of these days), and someone who’s more familiar with chemicals.

Bev: HERE is the MSDS sheet on Evolve.

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