Storage Units as Backup

Storage Units as Backup

By Wyzyrd, Editor-At-Large


I have recently read a lot about using self-storage units as backup

locations, and thought “I could probably afford a small one and keep

some camping gear and stuff, or even a small, loaded trailer there.”


I checked all of the local places, and they all have ‘cypherlock’

electronic gate controls, and none of the folks who answered the phone

knew if they even had  backup generators.  What this means to me, is

that if grid power goes out (as it did for between 9 hours and 6 days

locally, this past Spring), I’d need to take a chance on being caught

“destroying private property” and “breaking and entering”, just to get

to my own stuff, even if it was only less than a half-mile away.


I think I’ll find a different backup storage method.


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