Spirituality for Difficult Times Part 2 of 5

The Practice of the Presence of God

By Harriet, Editor At Large

[In Part 1] I wrote about the practice of the presence of God. However, is it possible if or when things go really wrong? Will the practice of the presence of God work then?

In my experience, yes. But do practice before it gets that bad – its easier then, though I hope you never face massive losses of extreme downsizing, unexpected and early death in the family, or major betrayal of yourself. We prep because we know life doesn’t always go well. Sometimes we make big mistakes, sometimes we are impacted by the decisions of others, sometimes S___ just happens. And those who are Christians, plus those of other faiths, know they should put their spirituality at the top of their preps. Spirituality shouldn’t just be for when we are in extrems, but for everyday. Having said that, we know that there are occasions when TSHTF.

I am reminded of the occasion when we were flooded. We lived on a hill and a little stream through our yard became a raging torrent, collapsing  the ground where it used to go underground for a way. The basement of the house was flooded. The back retaining wall of the house collapsed with cubic metres of wet mud left against the side of the house and we were worried it might move the house off its foundations. My husband was out of work. We had had to move in to the city to try to find work and had bought a house. We had no money and I had run out of our food preps as it had taken longer to find work in the major recession than expected. The bank rang up to say they were foreclosing on the mortgage and then the police rang up to say that my daughter had been arrested for shop lifting a bar of chocolate. I was beside myself with that heavy feeling of hopelessness and fear in my gut.

I remember sitting in the biggest chair we had and continuously bringing my mind back to God. Over about two hours of repeated attempts I became calmer and for a while the heavy gut feeling disappeared. I won’t say I became happy because I didn’t. However, I lost the deep distress. I was now in a state of continuous presence of God. It was OK. Right this minute it was OK. If I thought of the future it wasn’t OK. But right in this one minute, right now, it was OK.

It was a long haul back up and I will never forget that day, nor the lifting of the fear and anxiety when in the continuous presence of God.

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