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Spirituality by Harriet, Editor-At-Large

As I look back in my life I have always been driven to have a strong sense of spirituality.

When I went to theological college I really wanted to understand what spirituality meant within the tradition. The large dictionary of spirituality wasn’t much help; it just defined theological terms as they might relate to the theory of spirituality within the structure of the Holy Roman Church with a side nod to the more reformed traditions. When I took a university paper in Spirituality the lecturers weren’t that much more informed. They confused the practice of spirituality with buying in to a particular form of articulation within one of the denominations. So we looked at Benedictine spirituality, at Reformed spirituality and so on. None of this was very helpful to me.

The theological college didn’t answer the question as to “how” to do spirituality. I had already had experience with one of the more evangelical versions which focused on “being open to Jesus in your heart.” In practice they interpreted this to mean that we had to give 100% total obedience to the local clergyman and his bunch of happy clappy in-group of parishioners. This didn’t work for me.

Fortunately I did find a good spiritual director who pointed me in the direction of Brother Lawrence and his Practice of the Presence of God. This form of meditation is a particular way of Being, of being At-One, of living in the fullness of the present moment and I’ve already written about that in a series previous to this.

Over the last decades I’ve discovered a range of other aspects of spirituality I’ll write about in this series.

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