Some Other Weird Prep Items from Wyzyrd

by Wyzyrd, Editor-at-Large

I was going through one of the containers, and ran across a few things that don’t make it onto a lot of “Survival Gear” lists, but can come in very, very handy.

1) a “4-in-1” Farriers’s Rasprasp_

Now, I haven’t been in kicking distance of a horse in a long, long time.

Intended for trimming horse’s hooves for shoeing them.

If you ever plan on doing any “rough” woodwork, ever, you probably want one of these in your kit. A half-round wood rasp and wood file,

a flat wood rasp and wood file, all in a compact 8-inch package.  Steel projects will wreck it, but it will clean up after your knife/axe work in record time.

$5-10 bucks at your local hardware store, or   $$5.47 (this should contain SCP’s Affiliate code – no extra cost to you)

2) A Dollar Store metal-bristle BBQ grill cleaning brush.

If you use that rasp/file on green wood, or plastic or aluminum, the teeth WILL clog with a lot of “compressed crap” and eventually work about as well as the back of a credit card. The same goes for metal-cutting files. You can go buy a specialist machinist’s tool called a “File Card”- a brass or steel bristled brush intended for cleaning files, for $20-50. You can go to a Dollar Store or a megamart and get a metal-bristle brush for a buck or 2. You have sharpening tools for your blades,  same thing for files and rasps.

3)  Canned Sardines (imports, in olive oil)

This is definitely a “WTH?” item. I’m not at all a “picky eater”, but, after growing up in the 50’s and 60’s with a Mom who couldn’t cook her way out of a paper sack, canned tuna is one of the few  food items that makes me run for the latrine, immediately.

sardinesThese are not the stinky, rotten-smelling canned sardines my dad used to mix with ketchup and chopped onions for sandwiches, every Friday.

They taste GOOD. Really- I’m not kidding. 3 pieces (according to label) are 200 calories/ 13 grams protein. Right around 2 bucks /2.25 a can at most grocery stores. $57.21 for a case of 25 cans here:

I’ll admit that a lot of my vehicle preps are “stuck in the boonies in cold-weather” biased.  What do you do after the fish is all eaten up? You have a metal can with leftover oil in it. A piece of paper towel, or a twist of TP, or a piece of a cotton sock as a wick turn it into an Innuit “kudlik” – an oil lamp. What has been used to warm up Arctic winter shelters since Moby Dick was a minnow. You need ventilation, obviously, and you may end up spraying “Febreze” on your clothing and car when you get home, but it will provide light and heat most of the night.

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