By the WE2’s

We happened on to a couple of items that we added to our preparedness supplies, and wanted to share them with our friends here at SCP.

The first is a fairly inexpensive blood clotting agent that can be purchased at PetCo or PetSmart and is used by nearly all vets to stop bleeding when they trim an animals nails and happen to get just a bit to close to the “quick” and the nail bleeds.  If you’ve ever trimmed your dogs nails and gotten too close you know the fear when you see all that blood that just doesn’t seem to want to stop!  Well, this is the answer.  Just a small dab of this powder and some quiet time in their crate and it’s taken care of.Kwik Stop

We figured that if it was safe to use for a pet that surely it couldn’t harm us.  We’ve used it numerous (and I mean numerous!) times on our cuts etc., and it works just great for us also.  It also has a “numbing” agent in it so it definitely reduces the pain also which we find is great!  A friend slipped during a canoeing trip and scraped the dickens out of his knees, and he’s on blood thinners.  So, we grabbed our dog’s BOB from our vehicle and powdered his wounds and wahlah! The bleeding was arrested.  And he also admitted that it sure helped stop the pain.

The name of this product that we use is called “KwikStop” and we keep one in our medicine cabinet at home also! We need to stock more of it and will as we expand our pets medical needs.

asthmanephrin starter-kit-300x247Now, for the second item we’ve added.  This one however is extremely expensive so for the time being we only have the starter kit, but will add additional kits as well as refills to our medical needs.  That item is called the Asthmanephrin Inhaler. Although neither of us have any bronchial issues, we can foresee a need for it for others who do and also might even save a life if an individual had pneumonia or something like that.  Many of you here at SCP have medical knowledge far more extensive that we do, but we just think this is an important item to add to our medicine cabinet/pantry.

As usual, we welcome any advice or comments that will help us all “stay well” if we were to encounter a crisis situation and prescription medicines were not readily available.

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