Solar Food Dehydrators

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I found it rather mind boggling how hi-tech solar food drying has become. Way back when, when I solar dried apples, banana chips, etc. it was simply setting up two screens on a couple of saw horses with the food sandwiched in between in a sunny spot. Same with venison jerky, which needed to be refrigerated unless it dried so long it snapped. And it worked.

I’m pretty sure that these would work better and everything depends on the quantity you are drying and to some degree what you are drying – let’s face it, apples and banana chips are pretty no fail compared to grapes and tomatoes.

de plans

Here is a super article with 3 videos on building solar food dehydrators.

Basic Appalacian-style dehydrator.

Basic Appalacian-style dehydrator.


Here are plans for a much smaller scale, easier to do solar food dehydrator:

de super simple

Dehydrator Cob-style

Dehydrator Cob-style

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