Snails and slugs? Trap ’em!!!

Snails and slugs? Trap ’em!!!

by sevantheart, Editor at Large


Friends, I have some simple gardening news to share.

I have never found a more effective way to get rid of snails and slugs than beer traps! I simply have found nothing more effective, not “natural”, anyway (no toxic chemical treatments). And (here’s good news!) the cheapest beer works just fine!

I’m sure this will work, no matter what you are trying to grow: flowers, veggies, whatever.

I set traps last evening; I use the plastic tubs from my favorite greek yogurt, and bury them almost level with the garden’s earth; I do like to mound it just a bit around the edges, being careful not to get a lot of garden soil in the container – mounding makes it easy for the snails/slugs to slither over the edges of the container. Otherwise, they may be too sharp and may discourage “crawling in”. I like the beer about 7/8 full in the container. 

Well, this morning, I checked my beer traps, and they were FULL of snails and slugs! Snails and slugs love the yeast smell, and will crawl right in and drown themselves! All of the critters in my traps this morning explain why my green bean babies aren’t making it, and why the brasilicas are full of holes, in spite of the insecticidal soap, natural dust, etc. While I usually change the beer in the traps every other day, looks like I’ll be changing them daily for a while.

I actually used beer that has been sitting around since last year (left over from last year’s gardening); we DO NOT drink beer (or any other alcohol – a choice we have made), but there are always a few cans around, just so you know. That “old” beer worked perfectly well to trap the snails and slugs! So, even if it’s “old”, don’t throw that beer out; it’s still useful for snail/slug traps.

If you haven’t tried beer traps for slugs and snails, they simply work! Just want to share that with you.


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