Slightly Different Twists Around the Subject of Prepping…….

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Slightly Different Twists Around the Subject of Prepping

–  A Single Woman’s Perspective, Guys welcome 

By Summer Rose July 4, 2013



Apparently the government has come up with profiles of people who hoard (store more than seven days of food), and those of us who do that, fall under a category of mentally ill. Yes, that was a comfort to find out. By being judge and jury, and declaring one mentally ill, there is yet another way for the “government” to come in and take complete control over one’s life. Tyranny is such a joyful prospect.


Now that I have started with that baseline, and you know that I do go “out there” (or not), I would like to present some small, random perspectives that may be of use to others engaged in this relentless process of preparing. Once in a while an article includes a helpful way to look at things.  I think we need to get more of it. Prepping can take a toll, and can be rather a lonely pursuit.


For reference, I am a divorced, single woman, heading fast to age 59. For reasons outside of prepping, five years ago, I moved from a nice suburban neighborhood outside of Washington DC to a rural area of West Virginia. I landed with a house on four acres of land. I was fortunate enough to take the house in town and be able to pay off a house in the country. As I have gone through the culture shocks and adjustments of letting go of what used to seem important, I continue a transformation that is an amazement to me.
All of us who are inclined to prepare, or are should I say , driven to prepare, have our reasons. We all have to decide to what extreme we go in this process, as it is impossible to really know what we may actually be facing. I spend time reading articles that range from gentle nudging to the fairly hard core views of what reality could be. I find sorting the lines between realistic possibilities and fear porn can be difficult to discern. In any case, I have to be at peace with the fact that it is impossible to prepare for any eventuality. I am not going to be building an underground shelter and outfitting it any time soon. Doomsday Prepper, I am not. No, I will not make it  if a commando unit who wants what I have, storms my house.

A few of my many rain barrels…


How much do we sacrifice now, for what may not occur in the future? I find I have to deny myself something else I might need, want or enjoy so that  for example, I can buy a gun and pay for training. I argue with myself. Do I really want to buy a weapon, hunt down available and expensive ammo, and train? Of course not. But being able to defend myself if necessary, and putting in under the category of life insurance, is what wins the argument. I start private lessons with an excellent teacher next week. I will not be getting a manicure anytime soon. But I will not be just handing over my stores to the first hungry group that comes by, either. This from a girl who couldn’t stand her ex-husbands guns in the house.



I buy soil, seeds and garden equipment instead of the gorgeous pots of annuals that used to be a hallmark of my porch and property. While I might have hoped for a pair of cute summer sandals with extra income even five years ago, I am over it. Now I am aiming for a good work shoe. Now that could just be age.





I have gone through plenty of anger and rage and disillusionment and asking why we have to shape our lives because of some nutters wanting total control of the planet. Most of the population has not even gotten to denial. So carefully are they cocooned in their make believe, fragile worlds. Let me not waste time with examples.


I read all the lists of “Must Haves” for any prepper. I am always checking what I have against these suggestions. There are several things I picked up from taking Mike Adam’s “Don’t be scared, Be Prepared” course, that I almost never see mentioned in any of these other many articles. For example, if you wear glasses, buy back up pairs. How would you manage if you lost or broke your only pair? If you wear contacts, maybe an extra box or two would be good to have. But then when they run out, what then? Mike Adam’s mentioned Zenni Optical. One can literally order a pair of glasses online for as little as $6.00 plus shipping. I have done it. At that price, don’t miss the opportunity. Not being able to see could make a dark world even more troubling. Randomly , I seldom see 2 cycle oil mentioned as a necessity. But how will you use that chainsaw without it? In addition to gas reserves, how about the oil? Stock up.


Every time Lowes has good soil on a half price sale, I am loading up the car and hauling it home and setting up new raised beds that I found at Sam’s Club. I started with these last year, and have been adding when I have had the money. I think that bringing in good dirt and compost  is critical. I am buying and getting it while I can. I am going to be ordering worms and buying a worm farm as part of this process as well. For what my friends might pay for a dinner out, I am calculating how many cubic feet of Miracle Grow I can buy. I think it is kind of funny that instead of two entrees at Olive garden, I will be buying 1000 worms. Worms at the top of a wish list? That’s an irony.

garden_017What beautiful things shall I eat today?


I don’t tell my girlfriends back in town most of what I am doing, I can tell you. While they are checking brochures for a next vacation, or eating in nice restaurants, I might be thinking about how I would manage to kill a chicken if I have to, or picking up manure from a neighbor’s. To say I am in different kind of space is an understatement. But when I look at my accomplishment, it all seems priceless.



By the way, pay cash for items when you can. You may prefer not to be pegged as having bought rain barrels, soil, blueberry bushes, guns and ammo in the same six month period. Who wants be to shouting enemy of the state?



I have found in some ways, that preparing has actually freed me in regards to spending. My own personal belief is that economic collapse and hyperinflation is a given now, and that is what drives me. While I might never have bought certain items because of cost, I now think of these things as cheap compared to what they will cost, (if they are even still available) , and I buy them to put away. I have decided that if things are going to get very grim, I would like to have some bright spots to look forward to. I have bought cappuccino and chai mixes and excellent sauces and seasonings. I have bought jam preserves, and salsas. These are special luxuries I might never have allowed myself before. I don’t plan on dealing with “appetite fatigue”. Currently, “buy while you can, and while you have the chance” has become a kind of permission. It is not my original concept to claim, but I like the idea of “Don’t Just Survive, Thrive”. I find some comfort in it. I would like to think I may even get to live well under tough circumstances.



I used to try to save more money. That has changed. Now I think, why save money that most likely will be worth nothing?  It may be a bit of a gamble, but it might be better to have the things I will need now. I don’t know what the future bring will bring for finance, but if survival basics, it will count for something.  I am certain I have valuable barter items. I don’t spend money on coffee out. I buy extra toilet paper. Would I rather save that few hundred dollars, or have the supply of food from Efoods? I can not buy servings of food elsewhere at the cost they still offer.  I am in trouble because I have pet rabbits. As a result I will never be able to raise them as a food source. Too bad. They would be the thing to have when the Efoods beef stroganoff runs out.



Being a music teacher has forced me to be practical with finances, and I am grateful. A boyfriend once called me frugal. I was insulted at the time. Now it would be high compliment.



As some of you read, I know you will be thinking that I have more money than you might. This may be the case, or not. Most of you are not as poor as you think. You just have to learn to allocate money differently. I consider every trip into town as so much in gas money. If I skip a trip or two in a week that I don’t have to make, I have now saved money for something else I need.


If there is no power, the idea of entertainment , comes up. I do often find the suggestion of having books, decks of cards and games to help pass time in the event of short or long term emergency written about. It’s  clear that is if one has not put food and water away, or one’s house has been destroyed, or if all has been stolen, the following are all moot points,. BUT, here’s a different idea for you. If you have a piano, how about getting it tuned (while you can) in prep? How about buying an extra backup set of strings for a guitar, or in my case, a harp? Maybe it could be your last chance. Playing a musical instrument and being able to play for one’s self or other people could be a godsend through otherwise awful circumstances. I would hate to think my piano would possibly never get back in tune, if things hit the fan. I am spending the money now. Remember. What are we preparing for? Economic collapse, EMP attacks, and earthquakes all have very different ramifications. Music is on the list of things I want in my life. Who knows how lifesaving it might be in a time when hope is needed. I have taken music into hospices. I have seen the power. I want to be foreseeing, finding and carrying beauty through to the end of my life, whenever that happens to be. I don’t want that light going out. (Just for the record however, there is permanent ban on anyone ever singing Kumbaya in my house.)



Do look up Marjorie Wildcraft  if you dont know of her, for lots of reasons. Here is a link to her interview of a woman who talks about getting through dramatically difficult times in Cuba. One of the things that got her family and friends through awful times and being desperately hungry, was finding ways to have some bit of fun together. They look back and remember those times fondly even now, and are grateful for the ways they found to get through quite depressing circumstances.



My mother was on a convoy crossing the Atlantic Ocean during WW2. Each morning as the sun would rise, the passengers would rise see how many ships had been lost in the night. Out of twenty boats that started the crossing, my mother was on the only ship to complete the journey across. At night everyone on board would sing and put on plays and tell stories together. This was a way of handling or coping with the fear that hopefully most of us will never have to know. Otherwise, how utterly unbearable would that experience have been?


If I was an artist, I might want to buy some extra supplies, and put them away. After maybe being able to eat, secure the perimeter and fight off an angry mob, maybe there will be time to paint a picture. If things are not going to be available for lengths of time in the future, get them now. What would you be wanting for solace? Even a little box of watercolors, a brush and paper might be a blessing. Would you want this for your children? In a time of darkness, being able to paint a rainbow could be a great source of light, and just the thing to lift the hopelessness from a spirit. Prepare for there to be bright spots. Set up possibilities now. Plan to have some fun, or you will just want to give up.


I did read an article where a man wrote he had ordered backup needles for his wife’s sewing machine as a prep. Assuming power availability, of course, there is another good idea. Sewing is a great skill anytime. But being able to make and mend will be a good thing. How about having a few remnants or fabrics available for patching or creating later on? How about some pretty ones?  Or does it all have to look like such a dull chore? I for one am thrilled that I can darn, and quite nicely. I always felt if I had two socks that matched, I should work to keep them together.



I read a very insightful article on “35 Reasons People Don’t Prepare”. I would like to put forth another reason people don’t prepare. I have several  friends that are choosing not to prepare because they believe that if they put energy in the direction of believing things are falling apart, that they will contribute to that circumstance coming about, and it could become a self fulfilling prophecy. I got over worrying about creating the events, when it seems inevitable that some will happen regardless of my thoughts.  I have decided that first and foremost, I don’t want to be a statistic, if what I do now can prevent it.  I would hate to die, literally, because I went for a pretty pair of shoes instead of the Berkey Water Filter. Discipline is required.  I just don’t see people believing anything will happen.


Through the mourning process of coming to terms with the world not being quite what I may have thought it was, or would be, I have started to find these creative ways to see the future as more gentle and I am mitigating fear.  In a dark moment, who wants to imagine a future where a truck full of guys with guns come to your door and forces you to be chipped, or carts you off to some camp, or confiscates all you have because of some Agenda 21 or whatever else provision set up by the psychopaths on their crazy drive to seize total control?  Everyday, thinking can be like a horror movie if one is not careful.



Preparation is a great counter to fear, along with a little faith, and hopefully some laughter, love and people who are on board with these same ideas. I have gone through thinking that I will just give up and die if things get really hard. Now I want to stay strong and healthy .  We can not simply roll over and lose this war. I don’t want to let the gift of this life go so easily. Why should I give up to maniacs, who in have made it their life’s mission to depopulate the planet and rid it of all the “useless eaters” ? (Hey, their  term, not mine.) While we can, let’s make sure we let politicians know that things need to change course.



I mentioned that, as we all do, I have many friends who think nothing about ANY of this. Sometimes I envy them. Would I take the blue pill or the red one? But then I see the huge cracks and warning signs and snap back to getting in gear to become more self sufficient. I get back to working on my rain barrel system, and how to keep the deer from wiping out my fruit trees. And then I think about the tin of Walker’s Shortbread I have in my stores. I will NOT touch that box before any suggested expiration, unless there is an emergency. Like Christmas, I will have some things to be looking forward to. And I look forward to those cookies, no matter what the circumstance. I will enjoy every bite. If we are at some kind of end, it will all be easier being able to eat Walker’s and not give a second thought to calories.





Yes, even as we are forced to shelter in place in connection with yet another false flag event, or pandemic is raging outside, I am going to pull out the blackberry brandy that I use for my healing elderberry medicinal potion that combats that pandemic, and cookies, and I am going to look at my rainbow picture. And I will enjoy and savor the available blessings for a moment, and remember that times will not always be like this, and there is a better world out there somewhere, or it’s coming.



And even as I rail about why do things have to be this way, (It isn’t supposed to be like this!) I realize I would not trade the sexiest pair of summer sandals in the world for the experience of sitting down for a meal today that will include beets, broccoli, herbs and lettuce from my own garden, that I started from seed. Tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers are almost in. If fear of the creeps taking over and collapsing the economy, dumping chemtrails, poisoning the water and food, and controlling weather is what brought me to this special plate of food in front of me that I thank God for, there is something to be said for that. Would I have done all of this if there were no worries? Maybe part of the divine plan is to shake us up so that we find our way back home and to what’s real and what’s important. Maybe we will get a chance to start over from that place. Wouldn’t that be a beautiful answer to prayer?



What an interesting set of experiences await us in this life. And if we don’t make it through in this body, I know there is a greater adventure ahead, in a very amazing place.



Whatever happens, life is definitely uncertain. Make sure you put away some dessert or something special you can really look forward to.  Make it something you really love.


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