Simple things to make survival easier…..

For many of us survival and preparedness involve long lists of things we have……and need to get. Firearms, ammunition, knives, foods of all types, water, water filtration – the list goes n and on….and can get expensive. I got home from work yesterday and was paying some bills when I considered some items that could be a true benefit whether it be a severe power outage for several days – or a total collapse resulting in the grid being down and supply chains non-existent.

Whatever “it” is… will be less comfortable and more difficult. So – let’s get to it:

  • Paper plates, plastic eating utensils and cups – Water will likely be scarce and need to be rationed. Using water to clean dishes and silverware could be reserved if paper plates and other items were stored.  Disposal of paper plates could prove easy as they could be burned and used for fuel. The water saved from washing dishes and utensils could prove useful other tasks at hand…like drinking!


  •  Wet Wipes – With the inability to just jump in the shower likely non-existent.


  • Glow Sticks – Especially if you have kids, glow sticks can provide a level of comfort in that soft glow. 


  • Toilet Paper – This stuff will be like gold after the SHTF. There is not much that will take the place of it……comfortably.  Sure you can store away a few phone books and rip pages out – but it certainly won’t be the same.


  • Candy/Gum/Chocolate – Huge comfort foods and morale boosters! Inexpensive now and worth so much for your state of mind when you could really use it. Grab some Lifesavers, Jolly Ranchers, a few Hersey bars and a couple packs of Trident.


  • Socks and Underwear – Going commando and without socks just won’t make the grade. Unless your a women buying underwear that glitters with gold sequence – the stuff is plain cheap. Grab a few each – especially socks.


  • Bic Lighters – Cheap and soooooo useful!


  • Trash Bags – A couple boxes of trash bags will be appreciated to assist in disposing of trash, food and waste.


  • Duct Tape – Every one knows that Duct Tape can be used for so many things including shoe repair and wound enclosures.


Alright folks – what needs to be added to the list?




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