Simple & cheap survival tool – the Magnifying Glass

Alright folks – how many of you remember burning leaves with a magnifying glass when you were kids? I do. I thought it was the coolest thing to get just the right angle so that the suns light was concentrated onto a pinpoint spot. I would get a small pile of dry leaves, place that bright spot onto them and watch the smoke start to rise – then…..”Fire!!!”

Those were the good ole days.


Now I have to admit I had visions of building a giant magnifying glass – like a mile in diameter – and sending that super-hot beam over to the Soviet Union. Can you tell my age?

Anyways – a magnifying glass can be extremely useful. Whether it is reading small print, removing a splinter, or starting a fire – a magnifying glass is an inexpensive item to have as part of a survival and preparedness system.

Sometimes cheap and simple works best.






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