Self Defense for the “Seasoned” Citizen

It doesn’t take long watching the news to get depressed with reports of terrible crimes and violence. The morality of this country has no doubt fallen and seems to be continuously getting worse. Older Americans are often targeted as they are more likely to carry cash and have the perception of being unable to protect themselves.

Everyone has their own perspectives on self-defense and their own comfort level with the manner which to do so. Some are fine with firearms – others are not. Some wish to no harm to another human being regardless of what is happening – while others will fight tooth and nail. This article will not delve into all the tools available for self-defense but rather the thought process behind deciding for yourself – “Am I willing to fight for myself and family?” This may be a simple answer for some while others it may be more complex.

In all likelihood, none of us will ever be in a situation where our lives are threatened by another. This is a good thing, however, I suspect that if you are visiting this website you live your life not by that which mostly will happen but that which might happen. This means you do not ignore possibilities.

Assuming you have a concern for self-defense there are a couple things to consider:

  • What laws in your state govern your ability to protect yourself?
  • What do state and local laws say about firearms, mace, knives, clubs, etc?
  • Do you pay attention to your surroundings when you are out and about?
  • Where does crime take place in your city or town? Are you anywhere near high crime areas?
  • When looking at your house does it appear “inviting” to would-be thieves and robbers?
  • Do you leave your doors and windows open or unlocked at any time – day or night?
  • Do you update Facebook letting people know you are not at home at any given time?

I’ll cover possible self-defense tools in a later article but hopefully, if you are not squared away in that area you are at least thinking about it now.

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2 comments to Self Defense for the “Seasoned” Citizen

  • keebler  says:

    seeing this article made me go to Lowes & buy new door locks..bought this house last december,. time to change them.,since i didn't when i bought it..changed them this morning.

  • Pam  says:

    Great points. Most people don't think about protecting themselves because they are oblivious to danger. This is topic is not just for preppers and Stuff Hits The Fan scenarios, self-defense is a necessity in today's real world. Crimes occur everywhere, on a regular basis, even in well respected suburbs, sleepy little towns and gated communities.


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