SeasonedCitizenPrepper has a forum!! has a forum and we would love to have everyone participate. Below are the instructions on how to sign up and join in.


How to Use SCP Forum:

  1. At the “Home” page for Seasoned Citizen Prepper, click on the banner, “Forum” in the upper right-hand corner. This will take you to the Forum page.
  2. Sign up: you’ll need a user name and password, and will be signing up through WordPress; just follow the prompts after clicking on “Registration“.
  3. You will see a dialog box with a blue banner across the top, and the word “Guest” when you first open the Forum page (you have not signed in yet);
  4. NOTE: All members of the forum are REQUIRED to introduce themselves in the Introduction Section after joining. This is a way to say “Howdy!” as well as assist us in reducing SPAM.
  5. To sign up for Seasoned Citizen Prepper at WordPress (you have never signed up with WordPress before) –  see the sentence, “Welcome Guest, posting in this forum requires registration.”? Tiny print in the top box under “Guest”; the word “registration” is a hyperlink; click on it and it takes you to the sign-up box for WordPress.
  6. If you are using WordPress anywhere else, if you have ever signed up with WordPress, you will need to use the same sign-in name and password here, as WordPress remembers your IP (Internet Protocol: computer) address. It knows which computer you are working from. Any time you want to use WordPress at any blog site, you will use this same name, because it remembers your IP address.  You CAN NOT use other names with that same IP address; WP will not allow it.
  7. Once you are signed up (remember your WordPress User Name and Password!), every time you close, you will need to sign back in, unless you have checked the “remember me” box at the last sign in;
  8. Sign in using the top box, with “Guest” in blue header; type in your user name, then your password in the window underneath user name; now hit “return” or use the red Login button, bottom left here.
  9. There will be a bar across the top greeting you by username: “Welcome Rourke”, for example;

10. Scroll down through the topics to familiarize yourself; to read a topic, simply click on it. To add a comment: (1) click on the topic – a new blue dialog box appears in the middle of the page; (2) See those tabs above and below, “New Topic”? Click on one; doesn’t matter which one; you get a “Post New Topic” dialogue box; name your subject in the little box above and then type your message in the larger box beneath. Note there are some icons here that let you manipulate how it appears (upper left corner of the typing box). (3) When you are satisfied with your message, hit the red “Submit” button.

11. It will appear to post, but all posts are moderated, so you may not see it immediately. If there are any questions or concerns, your message will not be posted (see rules at top of page).

12. That’s it! Let’s talk!!!

If you have any questions or problems please leave a comment and we will try to help.

Also – we have a new “Chat” function on the site for which you will need to register in order to join in. We plan some upcoming “Chat Nights” soon where Rourke, Bev, Harold, Wyzryd, and others will be chatting it up.  Would love to have YOU join us!

More announcements coming soon on the Chat Nights!


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