There have been several questions about the future of SCP. I have been thinking long and hard on that very same topic. When you spend so much time and effort creating something – and it becomes such a special place like SCP – it is hard to just walk away. SCP has truly become a community and I love the interaction. I started SCP with a single goal in mind: To help people. I think that goal has certainly been accomplished but certainly in this dangerous and changing world that goal is still valid.

S0 – I am considering keeping it going but making a few changes.

The site will be left up in the meantime and I will post every so often while I am planning the next path.

Please provide some feedback as to what you like about SCP – and what you may like changed. If there are topics you would like to see discussed – please tell me. Anything at all would be helpful. The goal of the changes would be to attract more people to the site – that’s it.

Appreciate it everyone.



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