update and “Off Topic”

Appreciate all those that provided some input as to what they like about SCP – and would like to see with it in the future. Feel free to keep commenting and providing ideas. Over the next 60 days or so – through Thanksgiving and Christmas – I will be instituting a few changes here and preparing to relaunch.

In order to keep SCP going I am looking for those that would be willing to help out. The biggest contribution would be in the realm of writing. Helping write for SCP does not mean a novel has to be written. Truly – a couple paragraphs describing an experience, sharing a thought, asking a question, etc. is all that is needed. Reviews of supplies, books, and equipment are also possibilities. Suggestions on video’s are another example of material that can be contributed.

If you are someone that would be interested in contributing – please send me an email to emergencycd at gmail dot com.

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Off Topic? Add whatever you would like to talk about.


– – Rourke


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