SCP Preparedness Challenge – Tornado!

tornadoGiven the horrific tornadoes a week ago that devastated Washington, IL and killed 8 people, I thought a post on tornado preparedness would be appropriate.

I’m thinking that we all know where the safest place is in our homes to go in case of a tornado – basement, understairs, in the center of the home in a small room like the bathroom, etc. But here are two things that most people do not consider:


1. You are trapped in your tornado shelter by debris for 3 days – this actually happened to a lady last year.

Do you have water in your tornado shelter area?

Do you have food in your tornado shelter area?

Do you have an emergency whistle – 3 short blasts is SOS and can be heard for up to a mile – in your tornado shelter area?

An emergency radio in your tornado shelter area to know when the danger has passed?

Do you have at least one garbage bag for waste in your tornado shelter area?

Blankets for warmth in cold weather?

A first aid kit and 3 days of any absolutely necessary medications?

Did I miss anything?

2. You’re on the road in your vehicle when you encounter a tornado, what do you do? Assume that you can’t out run it and there is no nearby home where you can take shelter.

Do you drive into a grove of trees for shelter?

Stop, check your seat belt and just hang onto the steering wheel?

Exit your vehicle and lie down in the lowest ditch you can reach?

Try to find an overpass, exit your vehicle and crawl up under it?

Say a prayer, step on the gas and try to get through it?


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