SCP Preparedness Challenge – Caught in a Blizzard in Your Car

Winter is here in North America. For the next several weeks I would like to start off with a Winter Preparedness Challenge. But I need your help with real challenges we have all faced. This is YOUR site. Rourke provided the site at your request, and I’m his “help-mate”, but I can only do so much. So, please submit your Winter Preparedness Challenge to: scprepper at outlook dot com


By Bev

Yes, this happened to me and it could have turned out badly…

I was coming home from a conference 200 miles from home in a winter storm that turned into a blizzard. As I was going down the interstate listening to the radio I could hear numerous road closings just behind me. It was wicked going at about 30 mph, basically following tail lights of the vehicle ahead of me. It was white knuckle driving in near white out conditions with numerous cars and tractor trailers in the ditch. I finally got off the interstate within 20 miles of home and was stunned to see no snow plows on the road. The radio was reporting that the snow plows had stopped because of hazardous conditions. Well, what about those of us stuck trying to get home!

I was within 7 miles of home in my little Escort wagon with about 6 inches of snow on the road and a hill, not a big one either, to climb. Half way up, pushing snow with my front end, I was stopped. I tried it a half dozen more times and was now stuck on the road in the middle of the lane. That little car wasn’t going anywhere!

This is before I was into preparedness, but still had a winter bag in the car with extra snow boots and a parka. And I did have a cell phone at the time. I called Bob and told him where I was and that I was stuck. He informed me that our 4 wheel drive truck was in the pasture (where we had last hauled wood) and there was no way to come and get me. Hmmmm….

The radio was announcing that there would be no emergency rescues that night. To just stay put in your car, if you were stuck, with the emergency lights on and call in your location to 911 for when the snowplows would start clearing the roads in the morning.

What do you do?

What if I had gone down in the ditch with the tailpipe covered in snow, but the engine was running for warmth?

What if the car would not run for warmth (out of gas or whatever), what then?

Other thoughts?


The rest of the story…

The little valley I was in blocked enough of the driving snow that I could see a farmhouse in the distance with a light on – it was nighttime. I pulled on my heavy boots and parka and made my way through deep snow and high winds to the farmhouse. They knew me; I knew them. Their son had a 4 wheel drive truck and took me home. I left my keys in the car with the flashers on and they moved it in the morning when the snow plows started up again. Not fun, but it could have been far worse.


Something to think about…

We are coming up on the Christmas season and your sons, daughters, or grandkids may not have as much sense as you do about what could happen if… Please talk to them about winter preparedness and if they don’t have a winter bag in their car, it may be a good gift. You could save a life.

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