SCP Preparedness Challenge – Natural Gas Leak in Neighborhood

Submitted by Veronica

Hi Bev… Here is a real life challenge that I personally experienced and what started me prepping:


There is construction going on in your neighborhood.

You are woke up in the middle of the night by a loud bang and the house shakes.

Within a few minutes you hear sirens approaching.

Then a loud banging on your door and you are told to evacuate NOW. And asked where the natural gas shut off to your house is.


What do you do?


When this happened, my husband was out of town with our one credit card. I had the grand kids overnight and was going to take them to school in the morning.

I didn’t know where the gas shut off was on the house.

It was so rush, rush that all I had on was my cotton nightgown, robe and slippers and the kids only had their PJ’s with no footwear. I couldn’t find the cat and the dog just jumped into the car.

I had my purse and a couple of dollars. The checkbook we keep in the office drawer. And only a quarter tank of gas, not enough to get me 120 miles to my sister’s place. I don’t have the keys to my son’s house and they were out of town. And no cell phone as we share one and my husband had it.

I remembered the policeman saying that the community center would probably be opened for evacuees.

I can’t tell you how scared and confused I was, it was like a nightmare. I drove to the community center and waited until the Red Cross came and opened it all the while trying to calm the grand kids.

There was confusion at the community center as they had to turn the heat up to warm it. We sat huddled on chairs with blankets around us when they finally brought them. The whole neighborhood had been evacuated, but only some neighbors were at the center.

Mid-afternoon, still in our night clothes we were allowed to go back home. The grand kids missed school. I had no leash in the car and the dog couldn’t hold it that long, so it was a smelly ride back home and a lot of scrubbing to clean up the car.

Everything turned out fine and they contained the natural gas leak and no one was hurt.

But I vowed never to be that unprepared again, so that is why I’m now a prepper.



Okay folks! How would you have fared if that had happened to you last night?

Do you know where your natural gas shutoff is on the outside of your home?

Do you have adequate gas in your car to reach a safe location?

Do you have a bugout bag with extra clothes, cash, and medications?

What about the grand kids, do you have extras for them if you ever babysit?

Do you have pets with provisions for them?

What did I miss???

FYI, when Veronica sent this to me and I challenged myself for the night before. I failed with not having enough gas in my truck, no extra money in my B.O.B., no copy of my house insurance, and no extra clothes for the grand kids. And the next night I did a practice run and I couldn’t catch my cat and didn’t have a carrier at the door. I have since remedied these issues.


How did you do?

Do you have a preparedness challenge you would like to share?

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