By WE2’s

With us being hikers, motorcycle riders, canoe lovers, RV”ers and MrWE2 working part time as a carpenter, we go through a lot of ziplock type baggies.

One of the things we have found that saves us a bit in baggies and in keeping sandwiches dry and fresh, are the sandwich sized plastic containers.

They have them at many different stores, but since we enjoy the deli-type sandwich meats such as turkey, ham, etc., we’ve found we can save the containers and use them as our sandwich containers.

I don’t run them through the dishwasher. Instead I just add a bit of bleach to some soapy dishwater and give them a sanitizing scrub and rinse with scalding water. They seem to be holding up fine.

They’re also good for mixing up some tuna or chicken salad to stick in our cooler along with crackers, etc., for a quick “lunch on the road”.

When I make my tuna or chicken salad, I add diced apples, celery and raisins so we get a pretty good balance for our lunch.

Just another way the WE2’s find to recycle and save some dollars to spend elsewhere 

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