Rourke’s Reflections on SCP has developed into something truly special – and it has not been easy. Bev has been a godsend as she came on board to assist in not only writing – but brainstorming website ideas, assist in marketing, and help with communicating to all the Editor’s at Large. Thank you Bev!

Of course – the Editors have been fantastic as well. They volunteer their time to share ideas, knowledge, and experience. They are one of the main reasons SCP has been able to grow – providing great content. servantheart has been a writing machine!

When I reflect over the past year – I think about not just SCP but the world in general. Like many people I look at the world today and am very concerned. Like many I think about the future with uncertainty. What SCP has done for me is to provide hope – hope for humanity. With SCP I have “met” a very diverse number of people, literally from all over the world. These are good people. These are smart, knowledgeable, experienced people. These are people with good morals. All of these people share something….value in human life. I mean – that is why we prepare….isn’t it? By the way….”these people” include you.

In closing I just want to say that I really appreciate everyone that offers u a few minutes here and there and spend some time here. Thank you!!! and take care –




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