Root Cellar Storage

By Bev Sandlin

The harvest is starting to come in and I still don’t have my root cellar framed in and ready to go – been on the project list for a couple of years now. The last couple of years I have been storing my winter vegetables in old apple crates, broken wash baskets, whatever I could get my hands on quickly, easily and for cheap.


This year Bob brought home a couple of wooden crates they were throwing out at work. Well, I now have some good potato and squash bins!

root cellar bins

root cellar bins

Note the holes I drilled in the bottom of the bins with a 3/4 inch spade bit? Vegetables are dirty so it is a way to easily clean the bins with the dirt falling into the removable pan underneath. They are now in place in the basement and I can see that for ease of access I may want to put a 2×4 between the bottom and top bins for a little more reach room.

As I was roaming around the Web looking for other ideas, I ran across these that might just interest you.  :)

plastic bins2


hanging bins


plastic bins


plastic bin 3

Inexpensive Shelving

Cement block and wood shelves

Outside Storage

freezer foot cellar


The Dream Root Cellar!

fancy cellar


root-cellar diagram

And a great article on alternative ways to store your harvest:



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